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Yoga at Home
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Dr. Alexandra Berger DACM, L.Ac, Dipl. OM


I have always been interested in the relationship between mind and body especially during the process of healing. I dedicated my studies to understand the scientific aspect of the mind and attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cincinnati. Parallel to this, I also discovered the power of yoga

By both practicing and teaching yoga/meditation, I experienced the connection between breath, movement and posture which resulted in calmer thoughts and the development of mindfulness. I found myself studying the mind and body connection from the exterior (in books and research) and from the interior (through yoga/meditation).

After college, I continued my mind/body studies by obtaining a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California

The principles of Chinese medicine lie upon balanced eating habits, exercise, breath, and emotional health in order to prevent diseases. And, if disease should occur (in the form of pain, inflammation, chronic conditions, etc.,) the use of needles, herbs, food therapy, massage, cupping and moxibustion is applied to restore the balance of the body.

My most important discovery is that our bodies carry the necessary components to prevent illnesses as well as their cure. This fascinating finding made me a passionate advocate of combining self-care practices as well as therapeutic treatments (and sometimes an appropriate referral) to assure my patients, and myself, a strong, happy and healthy life.

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